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Stocks I / iRobot Corp.


Subject:  Military View Date:  3/29/2012  10:46 AM
Author:  Capt77thPa Number:  650 of 693

I have been an RB since its earliest days, but I have never posted before.

After years of urging, I finally got my son--who counted every penny he ever saw since he was a child--to invest in the market. He asked wisely sage old Dad (sputter, cough) my opinion of his choices. I was surprised to see IRBT, and asked him why he chose it. This was his response, which I thought others might like to see. (Please bear with his poor grammar.) He is, by the way, presently at an undisclosed location on the other side of the planet.

i looked into IRBT and it peaked my interest due to the electronic factor, future possibilties, robotics etc. i didn't invest because it's a patriotic cause. i've given 8yrs for my country come April 27th next month. i did it because i've seen these robots in action. i've seen IED teams roll out the robots and destroy munitions,weapons and bombs. once the military finds something they like, they stick with it and sink a s---load of money into it to better it and make it adapt. the enemy is forever changing, which means WE are forever changing. i believe they will keep with this company and put more $$ into it and this company has great potential, not only in the military sector but robotics in general. the military robots save lives. they roll these machines in harms way, saving countless lives daily. i see the US sticking with this for the long haul. i see americans viewing this and saying Hey, that's cool. where can i get some kind of Irobot to play with. there is a show on tv about an IED team that's followed by cameras throughout their quest in the desert. low and behold clear as day it's an Irobot they use to destroy the roadside bombs and has the name IROBOT on it. some will say that's cool and others will type that name into their web browser and see what irobot is all about. an instantly you have a fan base and followers. most kids played soldiers or army man and deep down wanted to join the military. which means, big tv show fan base and they'll see that irobot name on the robot. they'll be captivated and curious. it will make $$.
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