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Subject:  Re: Fun 2B Retired and it's challenges Date:  4/6/2012  8:44 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  17657 of 20640

"Cruising does make travel overseas relatively less stressful. Fewer hassles. Your hotel room moves with you. Quite different than backpacking, staying in hostels and traveling by railpass. "

I did similar to that in Germany and England.

Got a Eurail pass..had about 8 days travel out of 21. Flew into Frankfurt and took train to Munich. After three days of beer and more beer, seeing the technical was off on the train to Rome...spent a few days there, saw the sights. Stayed at a small small hotel in Munich. Got picked up by a 'guest house lady' who staked out the train station looking for people for her 3 room hotel. Was good. Train stations have loads of listing for places to stay.

Then off to Rome and used by travel guides to pick a hotel there.....nice...after 3 days, saw what I wanted to see....hopped on train to Innsbruck, Austria.....spent two days there..then off to the Black Forest....... last day of travel was back to Frankfurt and home.

Another trip to England got a Britrail pass....I forget how many days of travel....maybe 10 days......went to London and spent a few days there. Small hotel....had to take subway to get there. Hopped train to get to Land's End (Penzance)....stayed at small hotel. Hauling little wheelie bag....had to take bus from train station there. Spent day and a half there, then back to London. Then off to Hay-on-Wye, the used book capital of England...train then bus over the hills to the town. No train goes there. Spent day or two there, then back to London....then hopped train down to the Roman ruins.....and the cliffs of Dover on day trips each...then off to Bath England on the train....stayed overnight......took night train back to London.........somewhere in there I got to Stonehenge.....

Lots of walking and riding bus/subway.... train travel is easy....but there you can walk a good 1/2 mile or mile INSIDE the train stations getting to your train.....

Went to Thailand...same deal....trekking around, small hotels....

13 years later...I'm not excited about hauling my suitcase around to see more things. Seen enough for a while. BEen in Amsterdam and stockholm and Costa Rica, Mexico four or five times, , Canada, Alaska, 5 or 6 places in the Caribbean, etc..and all 50 states.

I can't generate enough enthusiasm to 'see' anything and put up with the hassles.

On the list of things I plan to see:

Panama Canal

Egyptian Pyramids (although they are not much different than the ones i Mexico - just bigger).....

Maybe Australia.....

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