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Subject:  Re: Got our Financial Award Yesterday... Date:  4/7/2012  3:46 PM
Author:  inparadise Number:  7954 of 8480

Have you changed your view about CMU? If your son is in Computer Science. That is the #1 in the nation.

Can't say that we tried to change our mind with so many options. He didn't bother applying, rather he chose to go to Georgia Tech, which is pretty darned high up as well. As much as I liked Pittsburgh, he did not. IIRC, the #1 rank is for graduate school. We could not find rankings for undergrad, so if you have a link, that would be great.

In some ways I wish he had gone with his number 2 school Drexel U. They were throwing a decent amount of money to him, so it would have been cheaper than GT, particularly with our living about 20 minutes from the campus. I can't say I'm a fan of Philadelphia though, and I know Eldest will prefer the weather in Atlanta than here or Pittsburgh.

Another negative I perceived with CMU is that we were really wanting a co-op experience option. I don't recall them offering much of one, whereas GT's is supposed to be decent and Drexel is of course known for it. I credit my having 18 months co-op experience when I graduated with getting me in to my job very fast in a bad economy. I think already having an offer from the company I co-oped with helped me to relax in the interview process with the company I wound up working for. Hopefully the economy will be better than it is now when our kids graduate, but if not, being able to show prospective employees that you can prove you can act like a professional is a plus.

We only looked at CMU because of it's rep for his desired degree. Choosing the right school requires so much more than that, though. It was worth a try. I hope your daughter loves it.

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