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Subject:  Today's longing Date:  4/8/2012  4:10 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  3704 of 3723

Apologies in advance if this is inappropriate. Not sure where else to share and ask. Please forgive me if it is confusing, but I am trying to put down things I haven't been able to think about in so many ways.

This weekend, I have been quietly alone at home and introspective in many ways.

Not raised a theist and fundamentally confused yet drawn to many traditions while remaining fundamentally ignorant on all of it.

Came here an hour or so ago to start reading because I wanted to burn some white candles to grieve for two persons long gone that I never formally grieved for, but also to try and move on in some ways. And maybe to burn a candle for those who are still here and that I fret about more than I want to admit to fretting for. (Sorry, ending with prepositions.)

This came to mind because a facebook update from an associate mentioned that she has returned earlier from visiting the cemetery to remember "two little angels who are in heaven," but she is a lapsed Christian but sort of follows this stuff in a selective way. And I wondered that this holiday is apparently