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Subject:  Re: Educational Philosophy Date:  4/17/2012  11:40 AM
Author:  WuLong Number:  53728 of 53880

We spent all that time worrying about the Communists undermining our country, and missed the real threat entirely!
I don't go quite that far. I think the Labor Movement prevented a serious Communist element from taking hold. Regardless, humans are motivated by the desire for control and unions are just another tool toward that end.

I view the whole education experience as badly structured in a variety of ways. The biggest is that it is product-centric rather than customer-centric. What is a teacher's primary task? "Here's the textbook, we have to get through it by the end of the year." Is the material actually relevant to an individual student? Doesn't matter - drink the kool-aid, it's all we've got.

Teachers have become the beneficial owners of the system. The product is NOT information/education provided to students. Students are the product, pushed through a 12-yr long production line much like a python digesting a pig. At it's worst, it devolves into a kabuki where a great show is made but nothing actually happens. All form and no substance.

The great tragedy is that the poor and uneducated, who should gain the greatest benefits, are often the most shortchanged. An educated parent will notice when their children are not progressing appropriately and take action to remediate the situation. Poor and uneducated parents lack the time/ability to recognize the lack, and hence address it later if at all.
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