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Subject:  Re: Stop contribution to IRA/403(b)? Date:  4/28/2012  12:33 AM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  70606 of 88508

As best I can calculate, we are in an enviable position, such that, in 7 years, when we have to start taking RMD from our IRA/403(b)accounts, it will be more than we expect to need. I'm wondering if I should stop (this sounds like blasphemy) contributing to those accounts and instead start putting those dollars towards tax-free bonds, so I don't pay ordinary income tax on distributions that I don't need. I haven't done lots of internet research on this, as I just sketched out numbers for one scenario tonight, but I haven't seen a discussion that seems oriented this way. I would like to hear some other opinions, to see if I'm having late-night imaginings!

not entirely clear what you're asking..

you saying that when you start RMDs from IRA/, the RMD will cover expenses?

and asking ,if that be the case, whether to continue to contribute to IRA/
or do something else with savings?

IF that's the case, then Off the Top of my Head, i'd guess that unless RMDs pretty huge, you won't be paying enough tax on them to justify tax-free bonds /but i'd agree no value in adding to IRA --rather put extra savings in Stocks (cap gains ONLY after you sell) and taxable bonds or dividend stocks.

BUT that's just me
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