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Subject:  Re: Reverse Split Date:  5/11/2012  2:12 PM
Author:  TMFKMHinson Number:  3170 of 3179

"I'd like to forget that I ever owned it"

Don't do that. There's opportunity to learn the most from your biggest mistakes.

I am a dramatically different investor today than I was when I piled into Acusphere. Here's how I look back on it...

You can't judge the outcome of a decision becuase the world is too non-linear/dynamic, so only the process can be judged... so was this a genuine mistake in the process or was it simply an undesireable outcome in a sound process? The answer probably varies considerably for the folks on this board, but for me... it was a genuinely bad (or lack of) process from start to finish. Here's why...

1.) I drastically underweighted the risk involved in a binary outcome situation... the fortunes of this company (in terms of existence vs. a stock that goes to $0) were in one product and a couple of governmental regulatory decisions about that one product. To assume I had any idea what the outcome of, or even the factors involved in, those decisions is kind of silly in hindsight. There's five l