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Subject:  Re: Considering an RV Date:  5/12/2012  12:02 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  2257 of 2475

believe I've read that Canadian customs is in the habit of checking for the presence of one of these devices on cars being towed behind motorhomes, and not letting people into the country if they don't have it.

I've been back and forth through Canada multiple times, at different checkpoints, and have yet to be checked.

With one of these installed, your motorhome will stop BETTER while towing the van than without the van.

That's probably true, but for me it seems to make no difference. That is likely because we have a 38' diesel rig, and the "towable" is a Geo Tracker, so the difference in momentum is minimal at best. We have a BrakeBuddy, an old one and it works fine but we never use it anymore. I carry it in the vehicle, but I might as well leave it in the garage at home for all the use it gets. Still, in case we were ever questioned, I'd at least have it with me.

DO NOT accept a ball hitch.

At Camping World you will find a selection for towing cars, none of which use a "ball" hitch. I think all of their towbars are slide-in hitch mounts. (I'm not pimping for CW, I find their prices high, but it's a nice place to shop and, in an emergency, get service.) Each car takes a different set up to attach properly to the frame; those are custom to the car model. I ordered and installed it myself; it's not rocket science but you do want to do it right and be confident in it if you're going to go that route.