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Subject:  Asking for help Date:  5/30/2012  4:09 PM
Author:  AlsoChorizo Number:  918 of 944

I don't know about the rest of you but it took me a while to overcome my problem with asking for help. In fact, I think it's not really the asking for help that bothered me. I think it's the accepting help that I had trouble with. In the beginning this was strictly about my recovery, but now that I'm living life on life's terms it's getting more into the weeds.

So about a month ago someone in the program offered to help me with something that I don't have experience with (maintenance repair). I offered to even pay him for his time. He said I could just pay him for the parts, etc. and to just let him know when would be convenient to pick the item up. Well I finally got the time to schedule things and asked if he was still willing to help me out. He didn't say no, but implied he wasn't going to handle it the way we had discussed. Now I'm thinking I should have just handled this myself by taking it to a professional. And this is my problem. More times than not when people offer to help me with something that I'm not sure how to handle, I end up back where I was with no help. I'm not trying to whine or blame here, I just would like to hear what other people experience in these kind of situations. When I get to feeling like "**** it I'll handle it myself" I start to isolate and not engage with people in the program. I guess it's a kind of being gun shy.

AC *any experience out there*
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