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Subject:  Re: Check vs. EFTPS: Does it matter which? Date:  6/2/2012  11:16 AM
Author:  wrjohnston91283 Number:  116204 of 127643

I thought about using EFTPS, but found it to be more of a hassle than mailing a check. Sure, I save the postage, but it's simply one more account, password, etc that I need to remember...and it's a government website so I'm sure it won't be a easy process given my experience with other treasury operated websites...

I have a treasury direct account for my savings bonds, and it's a nightmare of a website. You need to have a password with a crazy amount of rules (length, special characters, etc), and they used to make you click it in - couldn't type. The keyboard on the screen wasn't a QWERTY keyboard, so the letters were all mixed up. They also have a special access card that has a grid that you need to match up and type in the special codes. If you forget your password or lock your account you have to call them, they won't reset it via email. If you accidently hit the back button on your browser, you have to re log in your account, which is annoying since many of the pages don't have a link to let you go back to the previous page - you have to go back to a main menu and navigate back to where you were.

Just logged in right now - they've made yet another change. Looks like the access card isn't needed anymore; they sent me a one time passcode via email.

Long story short - I'll pay the 45 cents to avoid all that.
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