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Subject:  Re: filet américain Date:  6/4/2012  7:12 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  21189 of 21260

If there were a "gestalt of not cooking," this food item might belong there:

Apparently it's quite popular in Belgium, but you couldn't get me to try it.

Back in the mid 60s, when I was working in Greenland, we would fly to Copenhagen for vacations. There was a restaurant there called “Oscar Davidson’s” that had a sandwich menu that was about 4 1/2 feet long (See; ). There was a number of sandwiches on that menu that contained raw beef. One of my favorites consisted of a thick slice of buttered white bread that was covered with raw ground beast and sprinkled with diced onion and capers. In the center was a raw onion ring that had a raw chicken egg’s yolk in it. To eat it you sprinkled on salt & pepper, broke the yolk and spread it over the meat and ate the sandwich using a knife & fork. Yum!

C.J.V. - thems were the good old days, yes
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