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Subject:  Re: Chinese Transparency Date:  6/18/2012  3:11 AM
Author:  scout627 Number:  3423 of 3437

Are you a total fool? What does it matter what China does internally. Our government and the SEC would not possibly allow a Chinese company to list their stock for sale on the major American exchanges without requiring strict adherence to rigorous disclosure requirements to ensure that Americans investing in the stocks could have complete faith in the figures reported and not have to fear any loss from fraud.
Or would they? I forgot that Republicans have forced the country to favor and allow unregulated capitalism, which they claim is best: just let any corporation or anyone in the markets do anything they want to pursue their personal profit and we'll all benefit.
Strange how they continue to advocate this in view of all the historic evils of unregulated capitalism, including fraudulent Chinese companies being allowed to list on the major exchanges and rip off Americans of billions of dollars without having to make the same disclosures as U.S. companies. How did that come about?
Unregulated capitalism is inherently criminal and sociopathic. Those who argue for less government regulations are inherently criminal and sociopathic. Strict regulation by the federal government protects ordinary Americans from the criminal scams of the privileged, rich insiders. But after decades of assault by the big corporations and ultra-rich, such regulation to protect the public from fraud and scams is largely dead. The new standard is the Republican standard, caveat emptor.
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