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Subject:  Stop Chinese ADR scams Date:  6/18/2012  3:30 AM
Author:  scout627 Number:  3426 of 3437

Vote for Obama and every Democrat on the ballot, and against the anti-regulation, laissez-faire, caveat emptor Republicans, who are dedicated to representing the interests only of the big corporations and the ultra-wealthy top 1% of Americans.
With the absolutely absurd and utterly indefensible right-wing judicial activist decision in the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United case, democracy is dead in America, which is now a plutocracy. Only those with great wealth have the ability now to air their views and propagandize the many morons to vote against their economic self-interests. The free speech right and vote or ordinary working- and middle-class Americans have been utterly drowned out by judicial fiat, and a system created that ensures that only those who represent and do the bidding of the big corporations and ultra-wealthy can ever possibly win a majority in America's purported "elections," which are now like those in the middle east and much of Africa and all other authoritarian states.
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