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Subject:  Re: How long is too long Date:  6/21/2012  5:06 AM
Author:  kahunacfa Number:  392 of 481

Grasping at straws here, dont you think ? How does Obama/Romney Care affect the price of aluminum ? - jamesp717 | Date: 6/15/2012 5:43:49 PM | Number: 391

The somewhat i>conservative Democrat Jimmy Carter was a one term President because: 1. He did NOT understand Economics, 2. His Administration allowed the 30-year mortgage rate to exceed 15%, in 1980, was still at 11% in 1983. Yet Carter was and still is fundamentally a GOOD man and a GOOD person who understood the Military from the perspective of a Nuc. Submarine Officer.

Result Jimmy Carter was TOAST after 1980. The first Bush, illegally invaded Iraq; did not eliminate Saddam H.

Osama, despite having been a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago is and was Dumb enough not to know that his Healthcare bill as presented to him by the ineffective Congress of the United States was Unconstitutional!!! -- The Federal Government, under the Constitution does NOT have the Right to REQUIRE a US Citizen to purchase a Health Insurance policy. The States may have that power, not the US Government. Actually, not-even the States can require that everyone purchase even an automobile insurance policy -- they can only require that the driver has the financial capicty to self-insure without auto accident coverage.

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