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Subject:  Re: My TSA horror story Date:  7/4/2012  1:43 AM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  43898 of 117588

Thanks, Donna.

SGSpouse has filed a complaint and contacted TSA via both e-mail and phone. I will give her these links too. So far, everyone she's spoken or written to has been rude and unreasonable. Their only goal seems to be to silence any questions and blame the victim.

It really is absurd. They abused a 57 year old female with two knee braces and crutches for over an hour because they didn't know how to run their own machine. And they blame her. I've actually suggested to SGSpouse that she drop this. I get the feeling that TSA may retaliate and put her on a "no fly" list. I have a friend whose 6 year old son got placed on the "no fly" list because of some sort of TSA bureaucratic royal screw up. He and his wife were unable to fly with the family without spending hours arguing with TSA before each flight. This happened for over a year. No one had any interest in listening to reason or correcting the problem. Several times during the ordeal they spoke with someone or received a letter indicating the error had been corrected, but the next time they tried to fly, they were stopped because their 6 year old son was on the "no fly" list.

I feel the same way about police. I will walk out of my way or change my plans to avoid even crossing paths with police. I similarly try to minimize my contact with TSA agents. My experience and the experience of many others I know with our police state indicates that you are better off avoiding even the possibility of interaction.
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