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Subject:  Re: Retiring on Dental Sedation Date:  7/13/2012  11:55 AM
Author:  JLC Number:  70823 of 88543

Nice story but nothing new. A few comments in no particular order...

...these examples are part of the argument that anesthesiologists have been making for years. The person doing the sedation should not be the person doing the procedure. You can have all the proper monitors, bells, and whistles, but if your attention is divided you're asking for trouble. Especially in kids where you might have 30-60 seconds to save the life where as in an adult you have 3-5 minutes.

...weekend courses disgust me. Sitting in a room and listening to someone talk for a few hours and then maybe doing one hands on case does not make you proficient. Currently one surgeon I work with went to a weekend course on robotic surgery. He has successfully now turned a 30 minute procedure into a 2.5 hour procedure. I doubt he will ever get proficient enough, but he can charge more and the hospital will like it because they get to charge the rental fee for the robot.

...they didn't mention the drugs or the dosage. Only said "dangerous" or "X times normal dose", no context. I sedate kids every day. They often spit out some of the medicine. So what is documented given isn't necessarily what was ingested.

...they go up in arms about "as young as 18 months". I'm sure they'd do an expose on "cruel dentist restrains children, lets them scream and cry until they pass out" if they didn't sedate.

...railing on the guy that had a kid die and is still practicing was wrong. Acting like the state board should have permanently revoked his license, WTF?!? Everyone makes mistakes. If this was the only incident and he has done "remedial" work, OK. If it happens again, another story.

...pediatric sedation/anesthesia is safe in the proper hands. Some of these characters it is obviously not safe. But you can blame insurance companies and government (via medicare/medicaid) for approving these types of office procedures because they can be done cheaper than going to the OR.

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