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Subject:  Re: Been ridin'! Date:  7/25/2012  12:36 PM
Author:  tenworlds Number:  1509 of 1536

Well, the bike got out of the shop about a week ago, and I managed to get some small ridin' time in. It's been great! I figured out I get 45 mpg, which is pretty cool!
I got a question or two about cleaning my bike, though. I bought that simichrome paste reccomended here a while back, but haven't used it yet. I notice there is some rust on parts of the chrome, most noticeably around the spokes of the wheels. Should I get the rust off first, or will the polish take care of it?
Also, the gas tank: should I just clean and wax it like I would a car?
Thanks! I love riding and want to look good, too!
Mike in NJ


If the rust on the chrome looks like there might be some pitting under the rust, give it a good cleaning with something like naval jelly. But that's only if it ooks real bad. The Simichrome should take care of any light(surface) rust.
I generally wash my bike like I do my car, only no high power hosing! There are all kinds of 'specialty' cleaning items for bikes, but they are still just steel, chrome and rubber... I use dish soap (Dawn), it's mild enough but cuts through most road grime & grease. I've had to use tar remover on occasion, like when the weather is hot enough to melt that patching stuff used on roads. I use my leaf blower to dry off what I can't reach, it keeps those tight corners from developing water spots.
Same with waxing... it's just paint on metal(or plastic).
Other than a complete detailing (can take hours), general cleaning is pretty much the same as a car. But like I mentioned, no high pressure hoses... don't want to blow the lubrication out of your wheel bearings and such!

Tomorrow I'm heading up to NJ for at least a week. I'll be in touch to see if we can meet up. Maybe you can show me some good roads!

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