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Subject:  Re: Poll: Sleeping Problems? Date:  7/26/2012  7:50 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  14863 of 15011

I used to be a champeen sleeper. But after a couple years of menopause, which cncided with working oart time at home, I started sleeping about 2am to 9-11am. Still got about 8 hrs, though. then I started waking up earlier while still falling asleep late. now I'm lucky to get 6 hours. I seem unable to nap, so it leaves me a bit draggy. I did see a sleep doc, who of course wanted me to stop using the computer before bed. But that just means I'm wide staring awake in the dark longer.

my husband has always been an awesome sleeper, but with age/prostate enlargement, he has to get up to pee most nights. not normally a problem except when we're RVing. Then he has to climb around me (I'm a wee bit claustrophobic and cannot sleep between him & a wall), so he wakes me up maybe 2-3 nights a week. I can usually go right back to sleep, but not always.

Unlike when I was younger, I now need dead quiet, utter blackness, and perfect comfort (great mattress and pillows, soft bed linens/blanket, comfy temp which in my case means in the 60s) in order to fall asleep. if I can see so much as the sleep light on a laptop or the green light of the smoke detector, it's a problem.

I have also learned that getting more exercise is little help in my case. Also, I seem immune to the soporific effects of Melatonin, aspirin/ibuprofen or Benadryl, and caffeine seems to make no difference either. Even sex, which used to be a great sleep aid,