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Subject:  Re: Mormon church exodus Date:  7/30/2012  2:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  44316 of 116914

"What kind of religion coerces you to stay through implied threats to your marriage, wider family, and even your business?"

Catholic church.

Get 'excommunicated' for failing to follow lock step to the Pope's dictates, and he and his followers might ruin your business, threaten boycotts.....

in the past, they simply hunted you down and killed you. or burned you at the stake.

Don't forget the inquisition...where if you didn't confess true faith...well...

And then there was Gallileo......remember him? They didn't like his idea that the Earth was not the center of the solar system and the universe. Contradicted the bi-bull.....hmmm.......

Most religions are nut cases....... simply cloaked in ritual......and followed to various degrees depending upon the 'age' of the religion. New ones (islam, Mormons) take a few millenia to mellow out.

And, haven't you forgot all the killings by fathers upset about their daughter seeing a non-Muslim or not agreeing to an arranged marriage? By the dozens each week in Europe now.....? hmmm.........or ones who won't wear a veil....being killed by a relative? in the name of the god thingies and 'the book'?

What planet are you living on? The most violent, anti-freedom religion is Islam.....leave that religion and they promise to kill you. Simple.

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