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Subject:  Re: Mormon church exodus Date:  7/30/2012  10:39 PM
Author:  culcha Number:  44329 of 116886

NOt much different than the Catholic Church.

Well, they're pretty different ... but each one is pretty wacky.

If you don't support 100% right to life, totally opposed to abortion, you can't be a good Catholic according to the Pope. No exception.

The Pope (or even the local priest) doesn't call up her husband though and tell him to get a new wife.

I'm sure a lot of Catholic women are more than 'upset'.....about the position of the church (10th century) and the church's claim on their body and hunger for more 'souls' to feed the church machinery.


In fact....wasn't it about a thousand years ago where half the Catholic church left left and became Lutherans?

Not 1000 years ago. Luther posted his famous 95 Theses 495 years ago.
Far less than 1/2 the Catholic Church became Lutherans.

Oh, what kind of a religion would allow that?
Well, they didn't exactly allow it. They fought religious wars.

Yep, it seems the lib bashers of Romney forgot about that minor detail of one of the largest and wackiest churches in history. One that burned 'witches' (women) at the stake - usually those who were widowed with assets the church elders coveted...... yepper, that Catholic church.

Who exactly are these "lib bashers of Romney"?

And, of course, the King of England decided to boot out all the Roman ridiculousness of the Catholic religion when he wanted a divorce (not allowed)....and formed the Church of England.

He decided that he could be ridiculous on his own -- he didn't need to import ridiculousness from Rome!

Duh!....but the libs never learn history...just take their talking points from the Daily Kos!

Again, who are these people who never learn history?

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