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Subject:  Re: Mormon church exodus Date:  7/31/2012  12:14 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  44333 of 116958

Of course the liberal catechism is to despise religion

Not really. I don't "despise religion," although I sometimes despise what certain individuals do in the name of religion, like condoning or even encouraging bullying of kids who are gay or even slightly off-center on the gender bell curve (like Mitt holding down a kid with hair longer than the norm and cutting it off), or claim that giving gay--or female--Americans equal rights causes hurricanes. I have some trouble with heavily patriarchal religions....which most of them are. And with certain rituals and teaching that some individuals are either infallible or should never be questioned, and that goes for men as head of the household (heh, we're kinda matriarchal around my place).

and expect every person to devise their own moral code themselves.

huh? I can't speak for others, but I pretty much have the moral code taught me by my parents, basically the Golden Rule. Mom also told me where to kick a boy who got fresh...I never took that advice. I guess I preferred guys who got fresh, at least once I turned 17 ;-)
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