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Subject:  Stuttering when editing and SSDs Date:  7/31/2012  2:16 AM
Author:  feedmeNOWhuman Number:  841 of 894

I'm getting some stuttering when previewing a multicam HD project. I've tried some of the easier things like lowering the quality of the preview and giving higher priority to Vegas Video in my task manager. They help a little bit, but it's obvious there is a data bottleneck. I've got the source files (mpeg2) stored on USB2 external hard drives. I'm told by a friend that the issue is likely with the rate of data transfer via the USB2 connection. He recommended that I put the files on in internal drive with a SATA connection, and suggested that I might look into a Solid State Drive.

I hadn't really heard about SSDs, but some quick research indicates that they are pretty damn fast. However, most sources I've looked at involve making the SSD the system drive. I'm not really interested in that, merely making it possible for my PC to access the video data files as fast as Vegas wants it. Is there any reason I can't continue to use my regular internal drive as my system drive, and then install an SSD on the side for video data storage and retrieval? Would I need to install Vegas on the SSD as well? I'm using Windows 7, 32-bit.
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