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Subject:  2k12 Bylaws Date:  7/31/2012  11:36 AM
Author:  patchdodd Number:  7071 of 7789

1) The League of Madness is a live draft keeper league.

2) League settings are listed on the league page on Yahoo!. This is a 16 week, head-to-head league. 13 weeks of regular play and three weeks of playoffs. Transactions can be made up to, but not after the league championship game.

3) There will be a three week playoff, as determined by Yahoo! tiebreaker rules. The top two seeds will receive a week one bye.

4) Rosters shall be made up of 15 players with no injured reserve. The 15 roster positions are: QB, WR, WR, WR/TE, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN

5) Trades are subject to league approval. If more than 25% of the league objects (4 teams in a 14 team league) the trade will be overturned. Every trade involving the league commissioner will have one automatic objection from the commissioner to prevent the appearance of impropriety. This objection can be abrogated by the commissioner only if the commissioner's trade partner issues an objection.

6) If a trade does not get four objections it goes through. It cannot be rescinded by either or both of the trade partners.

7) Each team shall have the option to reserve up to 6 players from their year-end roster in the following season. Each player reserved shall cost the team its draft spot 2 rounds higher than its current year draft position. In other words a 10th round pick would cost an 8th rounder in the following year's draft. The year after it would cost a 6th rounder. Free agents acquired prior to the final game can be reserved at the cost of a 10th round pick. If a team wishes to reserve two players with the same draft round status, whether acquired due to free agency or trade, they may but must choose one player to cost an extra round. In other words if an owner has two 6th round picks