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Subject:  Re: Clemency rejected Date:  8/10/2012  10:16 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  4653 of 5355

He is one of the people I would consider executing as a 'no hope to correct' his mind.

Perhaps I should burn my liberal card, but I don't have a problem with executing insane evil-doers (or even low-IQ evil-doers). I think "innocent by reason of insanity" is very similar to non-premeditated murder: acting on a nearly irresistible impulse. But I don't think people with murderous irresistible impulses should be allowed in public even after prison terms--especially if they're insane. Relying on people taking their well does that work in the real world?

But I do have a BIG problem with convicting the wrong person. With more extensive use of DNA and other advanced forensics, likelihood of wrongful conviction should eventually become vanishingly small. But putting even one innocent person to death is too many. And so I kind of reluctantly oppose the deeath penalty.

Speaking of my nastier impulses...I don't think we should allow prisoners to get super-buff while incarcerated. 30 minutes of walking per day is about all the general public gets in terms of exercise, good enough for prisoners I should think. And it's not as if workouts make prisoners better behaved so far as I know. Seems likely to make them more dangerous when they get out. I would prefer them to have more access to education, reading materials and healthy food, and less to TV and exercise equipment. Though maybe the soporific of TV makes prisoners easier to manage.
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