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Subject:  Re: 2012 Miata MX-5 Date:  8/21/2012  6:53 PM
Author:  Milligram46 Number:  11376 of 11821

Also Chrysler. In that case, the complexity added by thermal expansion of the ATF requires a dipstick measurment, an ATF temperature measurement, and a graph that shows the proper fluid level vs temp line. This must have come about from shrinking the size of the pan for packaging and weight reductions.

My Charger has a fill tube with a simple screw-in plug. I check mine with an aftermarket dipstick after an all-night cool down so that the ATF temp is the same as the local air temp. It hasn't needed a top-up in 120,000 miles, so perhaps the "lifetime fill" claim isn't too far from reality.


The Commodore/G8 only has 25K miles on it after almost 3-1/2 years. I know, I should drive the car a lot more. It really is a joy to drive.

On my list of upgrades I want to do:

1) Pontiac G8 GXP LS3 trans cooler (bolt in)
2) Deep sump oil pan from the LS3 Camaro (bolts right on)
3) After market tranny dipstick

Never mind at 7K to 8K miles a year and living in a garage the G8 should last 20 years (and then any failures will likely be from plastics giving up or failed electronics, not because of worn mechanical bits) I figure all three of these are insurance policies to a long, happy life.

The Saturn on the other hand I hope can limp along until 2015. I see either a Buick Verano turbo with a manual or Gen II Chevy Volt in my future. My new commute is only 5 miles one way.
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