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Subject:  Poll: Natural remedies, supplements Date:  8/23/2012  1:03 AM
Author:  lcd186 Number:  14870 of 15012

Please participate and give specifics, if you can. I really would like some discussion or activity on the topic, or related.

Lately I have been feeling lousy again at different levels, much of it due to environmental and social stress.

I haven't taken any natural supplements in a long time. Nor have I tried a lot of at-home remedies or changes, including notably exercise, or sunlight. And sticking to a sleep routine.

Just wondering if anybody has specific routines, remedies, as well as supplements that they may take that help them, or at least that they have heard can be a significant help for others.

It is a given that I would check any at-home remedies and supplements should be checked with doctors or appropriate mental health teams to make sure there are no possible issues with current medications or other ongoing treatments.

For the purposes of the poll, I mean "natural" in the sense of anything not requiring a medical prescription, or in some sort of orthodox, or traditional medical or psychological mental health setting or treatment. I assume that many people may receive medications and formal treatments and for the purposes of this poll, I exclude that unless you feel it fits. My term is quite subjective, I just want some discussion and participation if you're able.

Thank you,
Lois Carmen D.
 42% (3 Votes)
I do some sort of natural supplements only
 0% (0 Votes)
I do some sort of at home or natural remedies only
 28% (2 Votes)
I do a combination of remedies and supplements
 28% (2 Votes)

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