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Subject:  Re: Drought Tolerant Corn Date:  8/24/2012  3:23 PM
Author:  gdett2 Number:  2855 of 2902


All you need to do is stop eating tofu and soy products, bread and wheat products, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs and many other products from food stores. You can grow your own or buy from known sources, either local or Whole Foods and similar places.

All this corn, 99%, is field corn, not sweet corn or popcorn. It is used as feed, plastic, ethanol and some other products.

Something else to consider: As the population continues to grow, farming gets pushed from good production areas and expands to marginal production areas that produce less per acre and generally have a tougher time during poor growing conditions. Without an increased food supply, what happens?

Also, people are all concerned about global warming and the devastation of the rain forests in Brazil being turned into crop land, contributing to global warming, to grow food for this growing population.

Going back to heirloom seed sources, the per acre production drops 30% to 50%. No Roundup-ready or other trait management. More weeds and insect damage, less production. Higher chances total crop failure in an area due to wheat rust and other viruses, insect invasions and weed spread.

At some time in the future it may come down to which people should eat, which should be on reduced rations or even which should starve?

We all have ideas and comfort levels, but how do they fit in the big picture?

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