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Subject:  Re: Decongestants Date:  8/24/2012  11:41 PM
Author:  JohnEBgood Number:  692 of 757

I expect my doctor to tell me EXACTLY what I can and cannot take. If that requires my taking note of the ingredients and giving him that info, so be it. While he may not be up to date on what's "going on at the OTC counter", he certainly should know what ingredients I must avoid.

Hi Christina (and everyone else). I was happy to see some activity on this board.

I'm going to throw my 2 cents into the conversation.

Christina, I agree with you that the physician should be the "go to" person with questions like this one. But I don't think that's always the case.

Personally, I would ASK the doctor - especially if it's a potentially serious drug interaction. But I wouldn't overlook the pharmacist as another source of information. After all, pharmacists ARE educated and licensed, and giving information to patients is part of their job.
Also, they might be in a better position to make the call, and when
they don't feel they should, they refer right back to the doctor.

Since I have some background in pharmacology (although it goes back many years), I rely on my own knowledge and judgement too. There have been times when I've left the doctor's office with 2 or 3 prescriptions, only to not have them filled. Why? I went home and looked up the side effects, and decided that they were worse than the condition we were trying to treat.'s everyone's BP these days? I have a new cuff that I rarely use....even though I SHOULD. Thing is that I got SO well-controlled on meds that I stopped monitoring....which I should start again.

Or....I could just go see my doctor and rely on his judgement based on a few minutes in his office. Hmmmmm.....see what I'm saying?

Glad to see some familiar names here. Stay healthy, folks!

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