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Subject:  Re: Trip One Date:  8/27/2012  9:05 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  14981 of 16095

<< Multiple daily routes give you the freedom to access the best of a region at your own pace. Every day of every trip we provide a variety of well-researched options which are displayed on the Web and include mileage and elevation change. Every option comes with directions and is fully supported.

Two vans, three leaders, thoughtful trip design, multiple route options with directions and a choice of riding companions—each and every person is supported equally, regardless of ability. >>

Sounds like "puffing," or exaggerating what services a business will provide.

Even with three leaders and two vans, a trip is likely to become a shambles fairly rapidly if people really aren't capable of doing the trip.

A snide comment by another participant in the outing is something you are likely to have to live with.

However much she thought she was prepared, she clearly wasn't.

Was she ready to bail out and take the truck, or did she insist on cycling and perhaps delaying others?

There are lots of things that could be issues here.

Personally, when I was a trip leader with the Seattle Mountaineers, all the trips were categorize by difficulty and the maileage and elevation gain was provided.

If someone chose poorly, I would usually hike their behind up the trail as fast as possible, even though that still delayed the group. If they had an unpleasant experience, tough. Choose wisely next time.

I don't mean to beat up on the OP unreasonably. Making poor choices is part of not having enough experience.

Perhaps the smart move would have been to recognize your limitations and to cycle part of the day and ride the rest in the truck so as not to slow the group.

However, I can't really parse what happened with any reliability.

Seattle Pioneer
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