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Subject:  Re: Waivers Date:  8/29/2012  5:24 PM
Author:  psuasskicker6 Number:  7393 of 7791

FWIW 77, while I'm not going to take the time to dig up the conversation, I remember it the way patch did, that you went pretty crazy over something that was explicit in the rules.

I think the issue here frankly is that you're not on TMF that much. You've been in the league for several years now. Honestly, you should know the rules by now, and if you don't, you should know where to go to get them.

If you can't make it onto TMF much, that's fine. But I don't think you should expect someone to do your work for you. Look up the rules if you don't understand something. Then, if what you're looking for isn't explicitly in the rules, ask about it. Don't do it the other way around. My parents ask me ridiculous questions all the time, and I will 100% refer them to when it happens. I feel like this is the same situation.

Patch is bending over backward to answer everyone's requests here, and I have a pretty good sense of how busy he is in real life because I interact with him in it. I don't think it's asking a whole lot for you to do some of the leg work yourself rather than leaning on someone else to get simple answers for you.

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