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Subject:  Re: Week 4- Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom Date:  8/31/2012  9:33 AM
Author:  tabs101 Number:  23725 of 23810

Near the end of the first chapter Friedman thinks about political behavior in a capitalist country compared to a socialist country. When employment opportunities are based on the government, this has a chilling effect on free speech. First, is a government going to allow its workers to advocate for causes that involve a radical change to the political and economic system? History suggests no.

But, Friedman continues, let’s imagine that there is a government that will tolerate radical, even revolutionary, speech. For this type of speech to spread, financers are necessary. In a capitalist system, there will surely be some wealthy individuals who sympathize with the radical views being espoused. Friedman is equally confident that there will be some wealthy individuals in a socialist system. The difference, he thinks, is that in a socialist system, the chances are great that the wealthy will work for the upper echelon of the government. Will they be willing to support causes that