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Subject:  Re: UAI - Kia Sorrento Date:  8/31/2012  10:21 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  11383 of 11821

Oh great. Now we've got to have all the arguments all over again.

Putting the transmission into neutral didn't work? Or she couldn't get the shift lever to move? The text says one thing but in the audio she says the other. Why aren't reporters trained in not twisting details? I'm guessing she has the 3.5 and the automatic.

Standard keyed ignition. Did she ever try to just turn the engine off? Pretty obviously not, unless I'm missing something.

Finally able to stop when she physically lifted up the gas pedal, so it wasn't any black box malfunction. And apparently once she lifted the gas pedal her brakes started working again. Weird.

You know what MIGHT fix this type of thing? Manufacturers not putting crappy, long lasting, low dusting brake pads on their cars. Use a pad with high friction and high heat tolerance. Well, that's IF her brakes really lost effectiveness.

Will a Kia even GO 115mph???

Hey, I shouldn't disparage the lady. She did an awesome job steering around that 18-wheeler via the ditch at 108 mph without loosing control, and I've very glad she survived her ordeal.

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