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Subject:  Re: Things I don't need any more of ever Date:  8/31/2012  1:01 PM
Author:  Frydaze1 Number:  35877 of 37694

skirts (haven't worn 1 in over 10 years)


I have held onto a few in my closet (which probably don't even fit me anymore - I should check) but the fact is I don't wear skirts.

Do you have anything on your "don't need any more of ever" list?

- Shampoo and conditioner. I bought some from overstock about 10 years ago, and even though I've already given most of it away I still have enough shampoo to last me another 10 years. And I almost never use conditioner unless it's already in the shampoo. (I don't have enough hot water to use them separately.)
- CD cases. I bought wonderful 10- and 20-CD cases back when I was burning audiobooks to CD, but now I can listen to mp3s directly on my phone so I just don't burn CDs anymore.
- Cookbooks. I probably have 40. I don't even open most of them. And if I want a recipe I'm more likely to look for one online.
- Vases. I'm considering using my collection as centerpieces at the wedding, and giving them away.
- Socks. I wear sandles or pumps 95% of the time. I might wear socks once a year, not including occassionaly sleeping in them when my feet get cold.
- Bar soap. I have 6 or 7 lovely, decorative, fragrant, hand-made soaps... that sit on the counter and smell good. I use liquid soap in a pump on the counter, and shower gel in a dispenser in the shower.

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