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Subject:  Vitamin D and depression Date:  9/1/2012  9:26 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  14880 of 15012

This week my husband and I had our physicals. We've both been feelin kinda down amd it turns out our vitamin D levels are very low. NOrmal range is 30-80, and mine was 30, hubs was 31...last year, we were 31 and 32. We get outside, often without sunblock, and take over 2,000 IU of D per day. Doc says some people are resistant to it(?).

Anyway, two of the symptoms of D deficiency are fatigue and depression. My huband used to be one of those irrationally optimistic people, and is no longer. I was more neutral on the optimism/pessimism spectrum, but am more down now. Perhaps this is why. Aging doesn't help either, apparently most seniors are deficient in D--many younger folk, too. Anyway, we're moving up to 5,000 IU supplement/day. I hope-hope-hope it helps us both!

My cholesterol isn't so hot, although it's been improving every year lately, and my blood sugar is rising--not to the type II diabetes point, but high enough to take diet and exercise measures. I already eat a lot of vegetables, but will have to reduce the more popcorn evenings or chippy afternoons. More crustless quiche breakfasts, less cereal, toast, pancakes. I think I've been self-medicating with carbs.

In better news, everything else was good. I thought I must've put 10 lbs back on after losing 35 in 2011, but I had put on only 2 lbs. Less guilt/easier to get back on track! And that's another thing...moving from the Plus dept to regular women's XL and L should've had me doing Happy Dances, not feeling low.

Anyway, those of you who are or think you might be clinicly depressed, please consider getting your blood tested for Vitamin D, or even just start taking vitamin D. Be sure it's D3, not D2--D3 is absorbed better and high doses are far less likely to lead to toxicity. Also, someone on the Health & Nutrition board said that D is absorbed better from softgels than tablets/capsules.
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