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Subject:  Re: UAI - Kia Sorrento Date:  9/4/2012  3:20 PM
Author:  ptheland Number:  11390 of 11821

I'm curious.... In your testing, was the first (boosted) attempt at braking your car effective at slowing it despite the full throttle? What about successive (unboosted) attempts?

It was quite a while ago the last time I tried this. And what are lunch breaks for if not some driving around? So I just gave it another shot in the Honda.

Starting at 70, I floored it. The first brake press was more effective than I remembered. I could slow down reasonably well, although not like normal. As the speed dropped to a down shift point for the automatic tranny, it became a bit harder to slow down. Which makes sense, as the engine moved up in its power band.

For the drained vacuum reserve, I started at 60, floored it, then pressed the brake several times. The brake pedal became very hard. When my speed hit 70, I started braking in earnest. I could slow the car a bit, but not a lot. It took a couple seconds to get down to 60. Again, I think I'd be a bit more effective if I could have had both feet on the brake. The down shift was a bit unnerving as the engine started generating a bit more power. But again, I could slow the car.

If I didn't care about the car and were willing to burn through some brakes, I'd carry the testing further. I don't know if I could get to a full stop against the full throttle with no brake assist.

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