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Subject:  Re: Quebec separatist party wins provincial elec Date:  9/5/2012  10:08 AM
Author:  DrtThrwingMonkey Number:  63002 of 64613

Probably not, as long as they are in Canada equalization payments keep them on the hook, would a person on welfare vote to leave the payments?


In the 2012-2013 year, the following provinces will receive equalization payments:[4]
Quebec ($7.391 billion)
Ontario ($3.261 billion)
Manitoba ($1.671 billion)
New Brunswick ($1.495 billion)
Nova Scotia ($1.268 billion)
Prince Edward Island ($337 million)

As an ex-Ontarian (now living in Quebec), the amazing thing about those numbers is not Quebec's $7 billion, it is that Ontario is also a have-not province, and gets $3 billion support from the rich provinces like Newfoundland (!!) and Saskatchewan and Alberta and BC. And it should be pointed out that $7 billion, for a population of 7 million people, is $1000 a head, not exactly an irresistible dependancy on welfare when you consider that per capita GDP is about $40,000 in Quebec ($71,000 in Alberta!). The major reason to stay in Canada is because it is a good country, not because of equalization payments that bump up our GDP by 2 or 3 percent.

The PQ have been in power a couple of times and actually run a pretty good provincial government when not trying to have a referendum.

Agreed. And I think with 28% support for independence, we are not going to be seeing a referendum any time soon.

Harper has managed to alienate them (and everyone else except his base) but perhaps in this case that is a good thing?

Maybe Harper should get a bit of credit for that 28% pro-sovereignty figure, no? It means that 72% of Quebecers are pro-federalism, a number I never dreamed we would see 10 years ago. Having a federal government that actually respects the constitution and leaves provinces to do their stuff within their areas of jurisdiction seems to be working out pretty well so far.

Harper is not personally popular, but he gets grudging credit for concentrating on the economy and international trade, and if we want some more left-wing social policies in Quebec, nothing is preventing us from putting them in place. Except of course for our 2 centre-right opposition parties that got 58% of the vote...

Regards, DTM
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