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Subject:  Re: RM Needs a Center Speaker Date:  9/5/2012  2:38 PM
Author:  RocketsMomma Number:  9581 of 10687

Speakers depend on the amp. If your amp drives 120W/channel you don't want a speaker rated at 80W. For example.

Yeah I know, I suppose I should have provided some info on possible amps.

My current Sony amp is 80 w per channel. (says 20w for center and rear)

For new amps I'm looking at a couple different ones from Onkyo and Yamaha.

The first 2 interest me simply for the price. They are older models.

onkyo TX SR313 $200 amzn - 4 hdmi, 65w
yamaha RX V371 $191 amzn - 4 hdmi, 100w

They seem to have been replaced by these 2 though I am having trouble figuring out if what they have is really worth another $70-80.

onkyo TX SR414 $270 amzn - 6 hdmi, 80w
yamaha RX V471 $272 amzn - 4 hdmi, 105w

Then there is this one:

yamaha RX V373 $250 amzn - 4 hdmi, 105w

Since my current front speakers, the CR6 are list a recommended amp power of 15-100 w I wonder if the Yamaha could be too much for them? (my CR8s are rated at 15-125w so that could be a fix for that)

And a new wrinkle. This morning I told DH what I was up to and he suddenly repaired the wiring to the rear speakers. I also figured out the problem with the center speaker, it was merely a button on the front . (Amazing how finding the manual and reading it can help!) So we've got full surround again and DH says "well, I suppose you could still get a better center speaker, but I think the Sony receiver works just fine." (you now may imagine the sound of my head beating against a wall)

I admit the sound is greatly improved but I know it can be better. Convincing DH is the problem.

So, there ya go, I'm not quitting yet but I need better ammo in my battle with DH!


PS - the rest of my components are an old VCR which has RCA connections so it will probably be retired to the old CRT TV in his den and an ordinary DVD player, not even HD (we almost never use it, we don't rent DVDs)

PPS Ziggy doesn't chew up stuff anymore, he's a good little boy!
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