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Subject:  Re: More Republican for-profit medicine Date:  9/6/2012  8:42 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  45230 of 116388

telegraph posts,

"For-profit healthcare is the $1,000 Pentagon hammers of the 21st century."

And they invented this scorpion medicine in Mexico, right? ha....

Without the billions spent in THIS country to develop it, and the need to charge enough to pay off those costs...3rd world countries wouldn't even have it for $100/dose.

And, if my memory serves me, that's at least a months pay or more in most of Mexico...where they get, what, 30c/hour?


I figured it wouldn't take long for one of our math-challenged, low-information Tea-Baggers to justify this kind of GOP-approved, medical price gouging.

Actually the scorpion antivenom in question was developed in Mexico where 250,000 people a year are stung by scorpions.

"Without antivenom, if you've got that bad of a sting, you accept intensive care or you risk death," says Dr. Leslie Boyer, a pediatrician who directs a venom research center in Tucson.

Drug companies in the U.S. have little incentive to make antivenom, because it's expensive and there simply aren't enough patients to guarantee a profit. "We in Arizona felt very isolated; we felt abandoned," Boyer says. "This was an orphan disease."

"We discovered that our Mexican colleagues had pushed the technology of antivenom development way beyond what we had done in the U.S.," Boyer says.


For-profit medical price gougers (who are likely big contributors to the Mitt Romney campaign) brought the drug to the US and jacked up the price 30-fold. Then the mother-effers at the for-profit hospital multiplied that already outlandish wholesale cost by a factor of 10.

Just another reason good, Christian middle-class workers can't trust a pair of wealthy Sons of Privilege like Romney & Ryan.

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