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Subject:  Re: RM Needs a Center Speaker Date:  9/9/2012  6:09 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  9596 of 10687

RM, I checked with DirectVT’s site and if you have an HR20, HR21, or HR22 box then you are getting 1080p. My error.

If you have the TV connected to the DiretTV’s box with HDMI and chose not to use the TV’s speakers then it’s routing the sound and that’s all about upgrading the amp: the way it’s presently setup you are using a combination of composite and component cabling (depending on the electronic component – DVD or VHS).

Sidebar: DVD will give 480 and CHS 240 resolution. Both far below what the TV is capable of handling.

So I'm guessing a new amp would probably help with the sound. Is this right? How much better would sound be using the satellite Video Audio out directly to a new amp? I assume there is some sort of signal loss jumping the sound from box to box before it hits the amp?

Ideal setup would be HDMI out from the DirectTV box to the amp and then HDMI to the TV. You won’t need the DirectTV’s other outputs. The DVD can connect via component and the VHS via composite thus putting the amp in the path so it can upconvert to HDMI and upscale to to the TV’ native resolution..

None of these less expensive receivers have up conversion, is that a problem? UC seems to add another $100 to the cost.

What brings the cost of upscaling is the cost of the chipset and licensing to the amp’s maker. Farouja DCDi being the least expensive and Anchor Bay and Marvell at the top end. Essentially, the more expensive chipsets are for ultra-large displays: with a 42-in. set viewed at a normal distance it’s hard to distinguish what chipset is used.

You know, being as DH is an electrical engineer, you'd think he'd be more interested and knowledgeable about this stuff. But he would probably blame his lack of interest on his tinnitus, he brings that up every so often as an excuse for "sound" stuff.

Sometimes tinnitus is worsened by poor sound – especially where there are excessively loud peaks. Not always that but it’s a consideration. There’s some stuff on it at but I can’t say if the product works as advertised. Worth a try.

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