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Subject:  Re: RM Needs a Center Speaker Date:  9/9/2012  9:19 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  9598 of 10687

The DVD can connect via component and the VHS via composite thus putting the amp in the path so it can upconvert to HDMI and upscale to the TV’s native resolution..

I'm a little confused. If the V373 can't upconvert how can it upscale the DVD and VHS to 1080? OR am I missing something?

Again, my error. The V373 can only pass though an existing 1080. The HTR-5064 seems the cheapest unit that does upconvert and upscale.

DH wants to know why bother putting the video through the amp? What does it gain over going straight from satellite box to the TV?

It gains in certain processing (removing mosquito noise and the like) and in better color. The problem with a feed direct from a source such as DirectTV is that in their compression algorithms artifacts are introduced into the signal received at home. The amp’s video chips remove them.

Also, does HDMI into the amp somehow improve the sound vs the RCA cable sound?

The RCA cables (yellow for video, white and red for audio) pass a analog stereo signal while HDMI passes a digital 5.1 signal. Two points: with digital you have surround using all speakers while analog uses, essentially, two. With an amp that has digital sound capabilities you can use, say a VCR, and the amp converts this to digital (A/D capability) and you can have 5.1 from it.

DirectTV is already sending you a digital signal in its HDMI outs.

For DH: the amp is a hub that can take virtually any signal (analog and/or digital) and give a uniform video/audio processing. This means you still keep your present peripherals and all will work at a high resolution. Should you decide in the future to upgrade any of them the amp will accommodate the upgrade without any additional expense. The by-far cheapest upgrade to any system is the amp.

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