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Subject:  Re: Finding a good calculator Date:  9/10/2012  10:05 PM
Author:  wolfman225 Number:  24937 of 26142

Thanks for the help, guys. I guess I should've been clearer. The quarterlies do show rates of return which they say are "net of expenses", but I was looking for an approximate way to double check. Also, the rates quoted don't account for the 401k fees imposed by the plan administrator.

My contributions aren't equal dollar amounts per month. They are figured on a percentage (currently 20%) of gross earnings each week, that's what makes the math tricky. My pay can best compared to that of a commission salesperson. I'm a truck driver paid by the mile and the number of miles I get per week varies quite a bit. In general, I'm putting between $150-$225 each week aside.

For simplicity's sake, could establishing the effectiveness of my asset allocation be as simple as setting up a spreadsheet with an A/B comparison with the associated index fund? For example: calculating my Rate of Return for an individual S&P stock against the performance of an equal investment in a S&P Index Fund?

I suppose I could just take 20% of my average yearly salary and break that down into quarters, but I was hoping there was an easy way to calculate it more accurately. Or am I just trying to micro-manage too much? The size of my nest egg is such that the short term swings in the market aren't really that big a deal, dollar-wise.

Thanks for taking the time.
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