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Subject:  Re: Contagion Date:  9/11/2012  4:56 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  67 of 146


With all due respect, the Plague was most certainly NOT limited to Europe. It is thought to have started in China or central Asia, and mostly from trade (ships?) found its way to Europe. Documentation is not as good from those areas, but at least some regions appear to have suffered 90% mortality.

Many scholars believe that the Black Death began in north-western China, while others cite south-western China or the steppes of Central Asia. We do know that in 1331, an outbreak erupted in the Yuan Empire; it may have hastened the end of Mongol rule over China. In 1334, this disease killed 5 million people in Hebei Province - about 90% of the population.

Per that article it appears nearly 50% of