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Subject:  Re: suggestions on school troubles? Date:  9/12/2012  12:24 PM
Author:  impolite Number:  41904 of 42475

When's the last time you had her eyes checked? Not just for 20/20 vision, but depth perception type stuff? I ask because Her Bootiness also had that same type of trouble when her vision was suffering - her prescription hadn't changed, but they had to adjust {something I can't even describe beyond what position the eyes were looking through her glasses}, and Viola!

That was the root cause - it was displaying the symptom of a low-grade headache. By the time she got to lunch, she'd have this annoying headache....and anything from that point forward was touch-and-go.

Something I am struggling with: Q is a fantastic student. immediately understands stuff, finishes homework in mere minutes, reads so much I have to tell him to put books down....

....Her Bootiness "struggles" with school. And I say that in quotes because she's not actually struggling - she's at grade level - any longer, but *compared to Q* and frankly, myself as a child - it's night and day.

I have to really, really, for realz make sure that I'm thinking of her level/abilities/struggles as they relate to her only, not "compared to". And sometimes, I realize I need to back off whatever I've pushing at that moment, because she's at the level appropriate for her grade and *for her*, not where Q or I would have been at that age.

That said, I know our 3rd grade teachers made it very clear at the beginning of the year last year that it's a "transition" year. It's a pretty rough go, and a lot of issues that were minor (like, say, not knowing some "sight" words) because very evident, due to the faster pace of instructions, extra organizational demands, etc. It could be that she's just adjusting differently than her sister.

Long post short - make sure and check on the vision thing, or at least ask about headaches. Even a low-grade headache can really jack up a day. Perhaps a full physical, just in case.

long-winded apparently
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