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Subject:  Re: Strike....Finally! Date:  9/12/2012  9:02 PM
Author:  PuddinHead42 Number:  9716 of 9954

We now have no tenor

I trust you are not a teacher, if so I am sure you would teach your kids that it is tenure. Or maybe the cuts have really hurt the choir ;-)

I do find it fascinating that Democrat Rahm Emanuel has been forced into this corner. Finally, he has to actually run something that requires allocation of limited resources.

From NY Times..

Mr. Emanuel attracted the union’s anger when the city, citing budget deficits, rescinded a 4 percent raise that was supposed to go into effect last year. He further angered the union by bypassing the collective-bargaining process with a new policy that lengthened one of the shortest school days in the nation. Comparatively speaking, however, Chicago’s teachers are well paid, with an average salary of about $75,000 a year (roughly the same as in New York City). Before the strike, the city agreed to increase the size of the teacher corps to handle the longer school day. And despite its dismal fiscal condition, the city says it has offered the union a 16 percent raise over the next four years.

Ouch, rescinded a 4% raise. Who gets that raise these days? This year my company gave back 1 day of holiday that they took away last year. Yea! I understand the economy is bad, I am glad to work hard and have a job. I, and I bet anyone on this board would be way happy with a guaranteed 16% raise over 4 years! Really! When is that last time my company could give a 4% raise? I cannot remember. I get evaluated EVERY year. EVERY year. How to I fight back? Try to be a better employee than other people so that I am valuable and have a better chance of getting one of the scarce higher ratings.

I do feel so sorry for these employees, they do deserve much better salary than the average Chicagoan, and better benefits, and a shorter work day and guaranteed raises and no evaluations for performance. Fight the power!
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