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Subject:  Re: Vitamin D and depression Date:  9/13/2012  3:01 PM
Author:  tconi Number:  14883 of 15012

Hard to say if I had symptoms or not. (long scrolly answer follows)

I am tired A LOT.
Have been for years
but I also spend (on average) 16 hours a week on airplanes.
WHen I am not spending hat much time on a plane, I am often on a 6 hour time zone difference (from home) in 2-4 week rotations.
I also work 10-14 hours a day (which is another issue)
I don't eat properly - due to work/travel/bad habits - too much crunch & water (celery, lettuce, etc) not enough protein...

Until quite recently, aside from riding my bike to work & walking dogs, I don't exercise or spend enough time in the sun.
I live in New England (when i am home) and the sun there is less than intense.
Roll it all together and i was pretty sure I was deficient, just did not know how much of my general fatigue was related to the D.

I was not tested during a physical, but had a whole battery of tests done - Vitamin/mineral/thyroid/bloodwork... partly due to just fatigue and partly to have a baseline.

WHen I retest I will post results (since you asked)
the D3 I take is OTC - and it is this one
but there are plenty of others in this form if you google around.
Because of the aforementioned travel, this is a good compact method for transporting as well.

I should be taking an iron supplement as well, but am not.

I will also take a moment to throw out a plug for
A low cost testing center for pretty much anything, no prescription needed and your results come to YOU in email. You can have then also sent to a doctor, but having your own results is good for research.

peace & D3
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