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Subject:  Re: suggestions on school troubles? Date:  9/13/2012  4:56 PM
Author:  MsPepper Number:  41910 of 42475

Thanks for the replies, all. We met with her 2 teachers today to find she is - in 3rd grade:

- a "solid C student"
- has "terrible organization"
- often daydreams in class

I am starting to think she might have a reading disability. She never wants to read a book that's "on her level" or any book at all. Under pressure to read somnething, she reads books that she could read in first grade. She's an unbelievably bad speller and often doesn't understand things (school assignments, books) after reading them. She has many things considered "classic" symptoms (I learned today online. Didn't get much from her teacher, really.)

I am going to pursue having her tested for dyslexia/reading disability. The more I read online about it (and of course, that's not conclusive!!!), the more I think she may have this sort of problem. It was my impression that there is zero chance I can get her tested through her public school (though I will make an attempt).

Thanks so much for the suggestions! She does wear glasses and may need an adjustment. I don't think that's the problem but will pursue a check up for her. Also a 9 year old physical check up - soon.

thanks again
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