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Subject:  Re: suggestions on school troubles? Date:  9/13/2012  7:14 PM
Author:  ThyPeace Number:  41911 of 42456

- a "solid C student"
- has "terrible organization"
- often daydreams in class

This doesn't sound to me like the very bright child that you mentioned back in earlier years. Which suggests to me a few things to look for.

- Yes, check the eyes.
- Yes, check the rest of the body.
- Yes, check for learning disabilities of ALL KINDS

There are many sorts of learning disability. My DD has eye focus and depth perception problems, ADHD, anxiety (which is different than nervous or shy), and migraines. It took years to figure it all out. After much investigation, someone finally told us that all these could be aftereffects of a concussion she had when she was two. That really helped me understand all these significantly different (but all head-related) issues.

We have been working for four years to peel back the onion-layers of symptoms to help her. It's a long process, sometimes very frustrating. As we deal with one problem, it allows us room to deal with the next. So for example, we dealt with the eyes first, with the help of an excellent optometrist. And then the migraines. Without ending the chronic and debilitating pain, we never would have made further progress.

After that, we tried biofeedback, which turns out to have helped more than anything else we tried.

It and medication reduced her headaches. Reduced pain and the biofeedback allowed her emotional maturity to increase by about three years in a single school year. Increased emotional maturity, biofeedback, and a really good set of accomodations at school