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Subject:  Re: Strike....Finally! Date:  9/13/2012  8:51 PM
Author:  PuddinHead42 Number:  9721 of 9954

But your disdain for teachers shows a lack of understanding about the job.

I guess you were talking to me, hard to tell. But no, I have no disdain for teachers. I loved all my teachers, I had great ones. My Aunt was a teacher. My grandfather was a revered principal of our high school, he was the first to integrate a high school sports team in the south and had crosses burned in his yard. Teachers are as great as other members of society. Like EVERY other profession, there is a bell curve of quality. I believe those at the top of the quality curve should be paid much more and should get bonuses to pass along their knowledge to others. Those in the middle should be provided further training during the summer as part of their job requirement. Those at the bottom get one opportunity to improve or be replaced. The problem is the UNIONS. Lots of disdain for them. The union job is solely to benefit the teacher at the expense of anything. I don't blame them, if I hire a lawyer, I expect him to work tirelessly for my benefit - not for society, not for the other side, not for justice - but for me. But unions will sacrifice kids, parents and tax payers, they do not care and should not, they are there for the teachers. Unions also have the problem of entrenched leadership that want to benefit themselves. Union leaders make big bucks! The Chicago teachers wanted a 30% raise over four year and Rahm ONLY offered them 16%, which they will not take. I have disdain for that action, that choice, that hubris. $76,000 a year, summer off, 7.5% guaranteed raise per year and only 15% of your students have to learn to read. I will take that kind of job.

Why is it impossible to evaluate a teacher and then get rid of the worst ones? Why? Every year someone is declared "teacher of the year", probably in every state. Gee, how were they evaluated. Certainly there are some attributes there besides test scores that can be used to fairly evaluate others.

When society pretends that kids sports games without scoring are more fair for the kids, who are they fooling? The kids know how much they scored and who won. When unions say you can't evaluate teachers and can't fire the worst ones while rewarding the best ones, who do they think they are fooling. Kids know when they have a bad teacher or a good teacher.

Left to their own, teachers could do great, they could put the kids first, they could be rewarded for good performance, unions do not allow this.

How about this story I heard on tv, it might have been about Rahm, it might have been another, but it is true. An administrator (or Rahm) was talking to a group of teachers, at 3:30 they all got up and left the room because union rules did not require them to be a school any longer. That is disdain for the person speaking and trying to work with them. How can you run an organization that never has to care what needs to be done or what changes needed to be made for the better, for the kids.

Another story from a California teacher - she wanted to stay late to help some students, but the union bosses said that was against the rules. Can't stay late, no matter how much you want to.

So, Ishtar, you don't have disdain for that?
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