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Subject:  Re: suggestions on school troubles? Date:  9/14/2012  9:03 AM
Author:  impolite Number:  41914 of 42475

My DD has eye focus and depth perception problems

THIS. This is what I was trying to remember the description of in my post.

Her Bootiness's prescription is....good lawd, talk about Coke Bottle glasses.

But at one point, the *prescription* hadn't changed, but they had to shave the lenses down at certain points to change the way the eye saw through them. What tipped us off was of course the headaches, but we also suddenly noticed she was looking over her glasses at some things (think stern librarian look), and *sideways* for other things. She was literally turning her head and looking out of the corner of her eye at stuff that was straight in front of her.

They had these holographic things we tested her with, and before the change she couldn't see 3D. Like her eyes were making everything 2D. Changed it, and Viola! STuff started leaping off the chart at her.

Took a few trips to get it all exactly right, but the eye doctor (a kid specialist) was fantastic, and the change was dramatic - nearly instant improvement in the headaches, and enthusiasm for learning.

It was my impression that there is zero chance I can get her tested through her public school (though I will make an attempt)

I'm afraid you'll have to put on your Mama Bear suit and go after this one. The school district should not only help you figure out what's up, but also develop a comprehensive plan to accomodate. Go get 'em!

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