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Subject:  Re: Strike....Finally! Date:  9/14/2012  11:55 AM
Author:  Hawkwin Number:  9724 of 9954

I use the term "career" loosely since we now have less benefits than Burger King.

It is comments like this that makes us question your credibility. Perhaps you are being overly facetious but if so, such a response does more to alienate others than it does to educate them to your point of view.

I hope that is not how you would respond to students in the classroom.

Teachers continue to have outstanding benefits - often better than their privately employed peers.

I just detailed yesterday to someone that Mass teachers making average pay ($70,000 in their system) can retire as early as 57 will full benefits (80% of pay) and receive a pension of over $50,000 for the rest of their life.

I don't know about you but I think that is an outstanding benefit - one that no fast food chain could ever duplicate.

Lastly, this board is titled "Teachers" not pro-teachers or anti-teachers so all viewpoints should be welcome. If this board was titled "The Economy" one would expect we would find comments that think it is doing great and comments that think it is doing lousy.

I would guess that very few posters here are anti-teacher but when there is a strike for individuals making nearly twice the average household income of their neighbors, it is likely you will see less sympathy for their plight. Chicago teachers had one of the fewest classroom hours of any school in the country. They've had a pretty sweet deal compared to their teaching peers for quite some time - and will likely still have a better deal when the ink is dry.
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